Food & People by Meg Abbott & Issy Croker


When we started The Curious Pear in February 2015, we wanted to meet and share the stories of people that respect, adore and dedicate their lives to food. Whether we were meeting chefs, food writers, home cooks or producers, we found that they all had a story to tell. Some amazed us with their tireless commitment to perfection, some with their knowledge of ingredients, seasons and global food cultures. We learn something new from these characters every day, and the last two years have proved to us that people who love food really are the best kind of people. 

Welcome to The Pearcast.

Every month, we'll invite a food figure that we admire into our home to tell us about their life in food. There will be stiff alcohol. There will be audible macaron-eating. There will probably be tears at some point.   


Pearcast #1: Chef oliver rowe

Photograph by Elena Heatherwick 

Photograph by Elena Heatherwick 

Oliver Rowe is a chef, restauranteur and food writer. He is known for having run the legendary King's Cross cafe Konstam, and the hyper-local restaurant Konstam at the Prince Albert. He hosts food demos, residencies and regular supper clubs all over London, with a focus on seasonal, locally-sourced food. 

This year Ollie released his first book, Food for all Seasonswhich takes the reader on a winding journey of ingredients through the months - a labour of love that took him nine years to write. 

We are giant fans of Ollie, and after turning up at every event he has hosted for the last few months, we finally got him to agree to let us lock him in our flat for an hour to discuss kitchens, cookbooks, butter and yak fur. 

*This podcast contains some good old fashioned swearing.