Food & People by Meg Abbott & Issy Croker

We're Meg and Issy - a pair of best friends who have lived, travelled and eaten together for eleven years. We are a writer (Meg) and a photographer (Issy), and together we tell stories of the people of the food world. 

In the winter of 2015 we landed a weekly food column for SUITCASE Magazine, which coincided with us moving to Brooklyn for a bone-shatteringly cold winter. There, we met and interviewed some of the most inspirational people in the New York food world: bakers, ramen-makers, owners of a 12-seat yoga studio converted into a Michelin-starred restaurant. In those months, it struck us that not enough light is shone on the people behind the food we eat. Working as a chef, cook or small business owner in this industry takes a very particular kind of person. In our experience, that kind is tenacious, energetic and (almost always) incredibly fun. And we think their stories are worth hearing. 

After returning to London, we started creating articles on the city’s feeders. We began contributing to more publications, including Life & Thyme, Caffeine, Food & Wine, Root + Bone, easyjet Magazine and Time Out. We became the food editors at SUITCASE, created an 'At Home With' series for Food52 and became the London voices of Food & Wine's Around the World web series. Since then we have written stories on people like Yotam Ottolenghi, Fergus Henderson, Diana Henry, Anna Jones and Magnus Nilsson, and written food-focused travel stories on Tokyo, Lisbon, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Marrakech and Texas. 

Rather than a blog, this website is a collection of our work published elsewhere - with a few unique pieces as well. 

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